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Certainly! Here’s the English translation of the article:Football fans can expect another high-profile clash as Barcelona and Real Madrid meet in a friendly match in the state of Texas, USA, in the early hours of Sunday. The match will kick off at midnight Texas time and will be broadcast on AD Sports 1 HD.Both teams will field their star players, and around 80,000 spectators who booked their tickets weeks in advance are expected to be in attendance. In their tour to the United States, Real Madrid has won their first two friendly matches. They defeated Milan 3-2 in the first match after trailing by two goals in the first half, and they also won the second match against Manchester United with a score of 2-0.On the other hand, Barcelona lost their first friendly match against Arsenal 3-5, despite being in the lead by two goals in the first half. Their match against Juventus was canceled due to an unexpected virus outbreak among team members.Xavi, the coach of Barcelona, spoke about the defeat against Arsenal and admitted to being surprised by the strength of the Arsenal team in that friendly match. He emphasized that there will be no complacency from his team in the match in Dallas, and they are eager to quickly return to the path of victory.Historically, Real Madrid and Barcelona have faced each other in 186 matches in the Spanish league, with Real Madrid winning 77 matches compared to Barcelona’s 74, and 35 matches ending in a draw. They have also met in the Copa del Rey 37 times, with Barcelona winning 16 matches compared to Real Madrid’s 13, and 8 matches ending in a draw. In the UEFA Champions League, they have faced each other in 8 matches, with Real Madrid winning 3 matches compared to Barcelona’s 2, and 3 matches ending in a draw.Overall, Real Madrid has been the more successful team in previous encounters between the two teams. However, a friendly match like this does not carry the same importance and competitive impact as official matches. Both teams may be given the opportunity to try out new players and different tactics.Despite the friendly nature of the match, the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid encounter carries great passion among fans and is followed with great enthusiasm around the world. It’s an opportunity to enjoy watching some of the best players in the world competing on the field.Please note that the information provided is based on facts up until 2021, and there may have been changes in teams, players, and schedules after that date. It is recommended to follow the media and official sources for up-to-date information on the match.

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